Our North Star Vision

As Afes Tile, we work to add new meaning to the spaces we live in, and we shape many elements, from our internal processes to our business culture, within the framework of this vision. We have defined our three core values that keep our north star vision alive as “Human-Design-Innovation” and we are nourished by these core values. We always strive to act reliable, agile, curious and focused in order to keep this promise we made to our stakeholders, customers and above all ourselves.


In addition to our north star vision guiding us in all our internal processes, we focus primarily on its embodiment in our innovation projects. With Cura Tile by Afes products, which differentiate themselves from their competitors with their original and sustainable production infrastructure and focus on indoor air quality and user health, we aim to add aesthetic value to living spaces as well as offering superior functional benefits to our customers with a focus on health. We aim to make our customers’ jobs easier while beautifying their living spaces with our digital application, Afes CORE, through which we aim to help our customers shape their living spaces by getting inspired by many of our products, from wall tiles to bathroom furniture, from sanitary ware to armatures.


From the smallest step we take to the investments we make, we act within the framework of our common goal and cause and take our north star vision as our bearing.


Cura Tile

Healthy Interiors

The term “sick building syndrome” (RLS) was published by the World Health Organization in 1983; It explains situations in which acute health problems are observed in building residents along with a decrease in living comfort and these observations are associated with the time people spend in the building. It is thought that the causes of sick building syndrome (HBS) are related to indoor air quality, as well as indoor chemical pollutants (chemical emissions and volatile organic compound release of furniture, adhesives, etc.) and biological pollutants (bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, etc.). . Thanks to its humidity regulating feature, Cura Tile by Afes not only improves indoor air quality, but also helps minimize the effects of chemical and biological pollutants in the interior.


The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

It is known that indoor air is approximately 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Therefore, indoor air quality has become a priority problem today. Cura Tile by Afes products, which balance the ambient humidity by breathing as a result of the scientific research and development process carried out in cooperation with Afes – Istanbul Technical University Molecular Biology Biotechnology and Genetics Research Center, in order to ensure that every breath can be taken healthily indoors, are able to remain suspended in the air and prevent respiratory tract infections, fever and It has been developed effectively against harmful microorganisms that can cause many health problems, especially pneumonia. One of the most important factors affecting indoor air quality is related to the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released by the materials used indoors.


Breathing Living Spaces

Cura Tile by Afes products, which take their name from “improving” user health and the natural environment, have been developed with the aim of allowing users to take every breath healthily and safely, today, when indoor air quality is more important than ever. Cura Tile by Afes products, which are breathable thanks to their unique nano-porous structure, keep the humidity level of the indoor air within the ideal comfort range in all seasons. Products developed with a focus on user health and improving the quality of breathing air not only prevent bad odors, mold and fungus formation in the interior, but also contribute to energy saving by reducing the need for air conditioning.


Odor Eliminating Feature

Thanks to its breathability and unique chemical formulation, Cura Tile by Afes breaks down disturbing odor molecules and contributes to the elimination of bad odors in the interior. It prevents the formation of odors caused by humidity above the ideal level. It contributes to the elimination of volatile organic compounds emitted by structural and decorative elements such as furniture and adhesives into the interior environment, as well as unpleasant odors such as cigarette, garbage, toilet / drain odor, pet and clothing / shoe odor.


Birsel+Seck Collaboration

The design of Cura Tile by Afes signature series products was carried out in collaboration with Ayşe Birsel and Bibi Seck, who are listed among the 100 most creative people in the design world by Fast Company. Design Story The geometric harmony and mathematical order of muqarnas, a common architectural element used by Anatolian civilizations to depict ‘universal creation’, were examined.


Designing the Timeless

It is aimed to achieve a timeless aesthetic value in the design, which is created by reconsidering the architectural traces left by Anatolian civilizations over the centuries in a creative design process. Product design process holistically